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Akron Soul Train | January - February 2024

This body of work is a meditation on the sacred, funny, and fleeting in-between moments that can easily be missed if not given proper attention. A thought to myself, examining my past in a new way, catching someone I love smiling to themselves, a string of words spoken by a friend; These moments become a poetic loop in my head that breathes hope into the darkest of spaces. They simultaneously represent radical self love and a connection to something much bigger than myself. Something holy. 


While this work pokes fun at power imbalances and problems with late stage capitalism, failed attempts at squashing queer joy, and the feeling of constantly trudging two steps forward and one step back, the prevailing narrative is one of radical care and intention and delight. Through juxtaposing sharp and critical politicism with mystical symbolism, personal narrative, and hopeful rhetoric, the goal of this work is to give light and comfort to a battle between good and evil. Good always prevails here.

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