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I Can't Wait to Create!

For as long as I can remember, I've had an obsession with interior design. When I was little, I'd fight my mom about color schemes. I used to move the living room furniture while my family slept. When I was a teenager, I'd convince my friends to stay up with me and rearrange their rooms; I'd ask their parents where the pillowcases were, and I'd make art to hang and reorganize their trinkets and trophies. There's something special that comes from the re-distribution of space. The way you choose to design a space can change your outlook on the potential of your whole life (or it does for me, anyway). What you choose to surround yourself with is a reflection of your hopes and dreams and big ideas!

When your space is a refuge, the routines you hold there become ritualistic. The way you stretch your body when you rise to turn on the lamp, the well-worn path in the carpet leading to the sunroom, it's all a part of you. That path in the carpet shows up for you when others don't, grounding you, reminding you of a whole life lived. For me, my space is my safe haven. When I was eight, and nine, and ten, I'd retreat to my room and arrange my pillows before falling onto my bed with a coloring book in hand (see photo). When I was fourteen, and fifteen, and sixteen, my bubblegum pink room with big black polka dots and handprints and zebra prints was always there to greet me when I escaped the doom of my parents' failing marriage and screamed though both discs of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

Now I have a home that I treat like an art gallery, it's full of color and joy and a small but mighty revolving art collection. I also have some friends who have recently started asking me for design advice. This blog is for people like them, like you...who want sunny, happy, maximalist glory to grace their space. I can't wait to share all kinds of fun tips & tricks, DIY design hacks, and LET'S NOT FORGET -- rugs. Thanks for joining me on this journey -- I can't wait to create!

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